Analyze Your Demographic Data and Maximize Revenue

While we’ve started to see more people going back to the doctor’s office, we need to ensure that patients who have health needs requiring follow-up, and patients who are due or behind on their Well Visits, are receiving the care they need is important. This is also vital to having a healthier population and increasing your revenue. And, that’s where something like “DAR” comes in. 

Using a Tool for Patient Recall

DAR stands for Demographic Analysis and Recall. It’s a powerful tool that can analyze your demographic data. It then recalls specific patient and practice information based on the findings.  

Let’s say that I’m a busy clinician. I want to know how DAR can help my practice generate consistent revenue. With DAR, you can create special reports and patient lists in a few clicks. That means seamlessly filling gaps with patient care. And, you can quickly know which patients are overdue for HPV vaccinations, well visits and flu shots. 

Here’s another scenario. Maybe you want to run a recall of infants and children from birth to 3 years old. Was an appointment missed during COVID-19 because the parent was afraid to come in? DAR helps give us necessary data that can get families back into your practice – and back on track with their care. 

The Importance of Recall Reporting 

Do you remember the days when practices had to pull all their charts manually? It sure took a while – and what if you missed an important patient file? Recall reporting reduces human errors and improves workflows. It’s a seamless integration that lets you spearhead your marketing and reporting. All data is instantly retrievable and at your fingertips. Let’s look at an example.

Use Birthday Card Lists to Show You Care

One way to use DAR’s recall reporting is by creating birthday card lists. This opportunity reminds patients to get a well visit in a birthday message. Psychologically, it ties into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid as it’s a subtle technique to get your revenue streams up again.

The card helps patients feel cared about. Further, they feel like they’re in an exclusive group because you’re taking the time to acknowledge them. A Temple University study found that paper stays in the memory longer. It’s also stimulating, desirable, and engaging. Further, a tangible/physical card a patient holds can increase their feelings of self-worth (more so than with digital cards). Easing fears is especially important as people feel anxious about COVID concerns and job losses. 

There’s also a forward-thinking approach with sending cards. That same patient might change providers one day. But, if they feel valued by their current practice, they might stay (memory recall about a good experience with your practice). That goes back to Maslow’s pyramid as people have an inherent need to belong and feel accepted. And, it’s little touches like these that can improve the patient journey. 

Change Behaviors to Help Patients Stress Less

In the book, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, authors Ries and Trout explore how important it is to position yourself in the mind of others. In this case, patients and their parents.  

When using recall reporting to schedule appointments, a pain point they have is FUD. FUD is Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. The parent that missed a well visit might think, “By staying home I feel safe from COVID.” Hence, when you call or send a reminder to schedule a visit, your focus is the wellness of their child and shots they might need. You then have to sell them on why you know it’s safe for them to come back in amidst the uncertainty of COVID. The parent doesn’t want to worry further. Therefore, you’re changing their behavior in the correct direction – they schedule an appointment. 

DAR lets us take care of our patients, increase their confidence, and ease their fears. At the same time, you’re increasing revenue streams within your practice. 

Build Confidence for a Future Visit

Having DAR recall reminders is especially helpful now. It helps us build patient confidence and trust. As people return to their daily activities – despite the hiccups COVID presented – we’re getting them back on track. 

The pandemic was an uncertain and difficult time but we’re coming out of it. We’re back to scheduling appointments again and sending out reminders so patients don’t have to rely strictly on virtual visits. And, when parents see you confidently working, they feel good about getting back to their daily living habits. With this strategic approach, you can let patients know they’re due for well visits and you can drive revenue growth. 

Respect Care Plans 

Maybe you have concerns about care plans. Perhaps you’re wondering how hard is it to stay current? 

I can see where practices underutilize and misuse care plans. DAR is one of the most powerful tools out there, that can help correct this. As a trainer, whether I’m helping a clinician create their own custom recalls or having a general consultation with them, I can tell you once they’ve gotten their care plans set up and customized, that’s when they really start to see the benefits of using DAR. 

Maybe they want specific care plans for ADHD, asthma, diabetes, or lab tests to follow. Having this tool helps to keep our patients healthy and it keeps revenue up in the office. If you have any questions or you need further assistance with customizing recalls, you can always reach out to us if your staff needs more training. 

Getting Back to Business (and more revenue)

I see firsthand that people are excited about using a tool like DAR, customizing it, and the training on it. It gives your practice a marketing advantage because you can improve the patient experience. You’re also helping patients feel confident about their care. When they see you’re back to business, they know they can get back to routine appointments again. And, getting back on track is important and it’s rewarding.

I’ve been in the EHR business over 14 years and I really enjoy it. Prior to EHR, my career in healthcare started as an IT tech. I’ve been working with doctors and nursing staff on workflow analysis for years. When it comes to EHR training, I have over 20 years of experience.

What can I say? I love helping pediatric staff improve their workflows and increase revenue growth.

Let’s Win the Battle Together!

Despite the challenges we have been facing with COVID, there’s no other option but to win this battle. And, using a tool like DAR (recalls that increase revenue) will help you achieve that, especially in this new normal.

Want to see a live video of this tool in action? Click here.

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