Population Health

Proactively manage all of the patients in your practice and maximize revenue with your payers while keeping all of your patients healthy.

Population Health is an approach to healthcare that aims to improve the health of an entire group of individuals. Focusing on individual patients is no longer the only goal.

Do you know who your patients are? It’s the first step in working towards population health management. You must know “who” your patients are in order to meet their needs and deliver quality care. You need to have a plan for managing chronic conditions, strategies to orchestrate specialty care, and ways to identify your most vulnerable patients. That’s where OP can help.

Our recall reports and easy-to-use metric gathering modules make it simple for you to use rich patient information to identify gaps in patient care based on evidence-based pediatric guidelines and proactively engage with families to schedule services that keep them up-to-date for things like vaccines and well visits. In addition, you can quickly find your most at-risk patients during flu season to make sure they are protected. It’s a win-win for your practice and your patients. Your patients receive great care, your families build long term relationships with your practice, and pay-for-performance dollars increase your bottom line.

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