Direct Messaging

Reduce the use of paper to transmit Protected Health Information (PHI) through fax or mail and give your practitioners, practices, and patients a secure way to send PHI via email.

For individuals in a pediatric practice, using a generic email address to send statements, appointment reminders, and even birthday wishes to patients and their families is perfect. However, when providers are communicating with one another, a hospital, or other care facilities about a patient’s health, a general email address is not an acceptable means of communication because it isn’t in a HIPAA-compliant format. As a result, pediatric practices need an alternative way to send sensitive information.

OP provides this HIPAA-compliant direct messaging functionality within our EHR solution, enabling you to:

  • Send and receive secure communications electronically
  • Remain compliant with HIPAA electronic messaging regulations
  • Reduce the dependence on fax machines for communicating patient information

With OP’s Direct Message solution, you’ll be able to communicate sensitive patient information easily and securely.

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