How One Practice Boosted Its Vaccination Rate From 50 to 99 Percent

When Dr. Vera Frumin started Meadowbrook Pediatrics, she had one core value in mind – to keep kids healthy. For over 26 years, the practice has done just that by constantly improving policies and workflows to deliver high-quality care. After Meadowbrook’s paper vaccine management no longer met the demands of its 4,000 patients or aligned with the practice’s business model, Dr. Frumin knew it was time for a change.

Recognizing Inefficient Processes

With paper charts, Meadowbrook’s vaccination rate was right above the 50 percent mark. “The process was limiting, and we didn’t have a lot of knowledge at our fingertips,” said Office Manager Lisa Kramer. “Even running a simple report, pulling immunization history, or checking vaccine inventory was nearly impossible. It wasn’t ideal for patients or the financial side of the practice.”

Specifically, Meadowbrook did not have access to an automated or sophisticated vaccine management system. The staff was unable to forecast or determine practice vaccine needs. The fear of running out created an excess inventory.

Finding a Seamless Solution

Meadowbrook implemented a new EHR with vaccine management and forecasting features, and the team quickly saw vaccination rates increase. They could consistently report on inventory needs, know exactly when patients were due for particular vaccines, recall overdue patients, and keep accurate inventory in stock.

“Vaccine management is not only a nurse’s job,” Dr. Frumin said. “It’s everyone’s job.” She added that a seamless vaccine management program allows Meadowbrook’s staff to address a patient’s needs with only a brief glance.

With the new EHR, the team receives a status update on patients as soon as they call the office. “If their immunizations are up to date, we can feel good about that,” Dr. Frumin added. “If they’re about to be due, or are behind in treatment and don’t have an appointment on the books, we can proactively make one right then.”

Achieving Success with Vaccination Rates

Since its EHR onboarding, Meadowbrook has increased its vaccination rates to nearly 99 percent, a number that has boosted the practice’s overall vaccine revenue. Most importantly, implementing an EHR with vaccine management capabilities has helped Meadowbrook prevent diseases.

“Vaccine management is not solely about meeting a metric. It’s about preventing HPV related diseases, keeping kids from having whooping cough and more,” Dr. Frumin noted. “Ultimately, it’s about coming back to our core value – keeping our patients healthy and well. Children need their vaccinations, and they need them on time.”

Thanks to vaccine management and forecasting through its EHR, Meadowbrook’s team has been able to take every opportunity to vaccinate patients. 

To learn more about the pediatric-specific EHR that helped Meadowbrook, click here.

Susan Hannon

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