EHR Workflow Efficiency

With pediatric practices all over the country feeling understaffed and overworked, it is crucial to ensure you are using the correct tools for workflow efficiency and increased revenue.

Pediatric-Specific EHR

Think about the forms your practice uses on a routine basis, like school entry and immunization forms. Is your practice currently completing them by hand? Why, when there is an EHR that can complete them in one-click and can save hours of work every week. 

Now, think about how much time your front office staff spends on routine activities. Could parents help to improve workflow efficiency? Yes, they can and an EHR can support their interaction with your office. Families can schedule appointments digitally and complete after-visit surveys, right through the patient portal

Another easy way to make your workflow more efficient is to automate patient communications. This can shorten the time the front office needs to handle communications around well visits or follow-ups. You can quickly remind parents of their scheduled appointments via text or phone.

You could also increase the number of patients your practice is able to see each day by using an EHR’s tracking view function. It will allow staff to see where patients are and track their appointments and services received. No more confusion or wondering if a service has been provided: you are able to track patient location, treatment status, and services. Especially with the disruption we have all been through with the COVID-19 crisis, running reports through your EHR can help to identify patients who should be recalled for wellness visits and other services.

How Can Using an EHR Increase Revenue in Your Pediatric Practice?

Increasing efficiency using a pediatric-specific EHR can directly translate into increased revenue. If you have a better workflow within your office, you can add appointments and provide more billable services. As one example, optimizing your appointments and tracking services using a tracking view might allow you to add one additional well visit and one additional sick visit per day. Over the course of a month, this adds up to about 40 additional visits: a significant increase in revenue. Over the course of a year, it could add up to $50,000 or more. 

Having a pediatric focused EHR is vital for your practice’s efficiency and workflow. Your day and your patients and practice aren’t the same as other specialties. Having the right digital tools to support that, including a pediatric-focused EHR designed especially for your practice’s workflows and efficiency, is crucial for success.

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