Prescribe all medications, including controlled substances, in the same workflow. OP’s integrated EPCS solution improves patient safety, eliminates fraud and forgery and reduces costs, while meeting all federal, state, and local regulations for prescribing controlled substances.

Keeping up with the regulations surrounding controlled substances like Ritalin and Adderall is a task in and of itself. Fortunately, EPCS functionality, including regulatory compliance, is part of OP’s ePrescribing solution.

With EPCS, you have the extra level of security required to prescribe controlled substances electronically. Plus, the setup is simple. We handle everything for you and we help you remain compliant with DEA regulations.

Additional Benefits of OP’s ePrescribing Solution

Creates an electronic record of each patient’s medications for easy management

  • OP’s solution is connected to SureScripts, a database of all medications reported to state registries. This allows you to see the medications you’ve prescribed, as well as those prescribed by others.

Easily converts weight-based dosing according to the patient’s most recent weight

  • No need to perform dosing conversions yourself. OP’s ePrescribing solution does it automatically for you. Plus, it also converts from pill to liquid form. If the patient’s insurance doesn’t cover a particular medication or form (e.g., liquid), our platform gives you the ability to search for a substitute.

Adapts for practice-specific and provider-specific “favorites” list

  • Most pediatric practices have certain medications that they prescribe on a regular basis. Instead of having to scroll through all the medications available, you can create a shorter list of the most commonly prescribed medications for your practice as a whole and/or for each provider individually. Access to the complete list of medications will still be available.

Provides patient-specific interactions as well as formulary details

  • Document drug allergies directly in the system so that you don’t mistakenly prescribe them.
  • Receive real-time information regarding covered benefits of patient formularies.

Allows for Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)

  • Have your medication prior authorizations sent electronically for faster results.

Enables easy consultation of your state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

  • In workflow integration with more than 30 state PDMP sites, where the prescriber is automatically signed in with a context-aware search focused on the patient record.
  • Supports regulatory compliance with more than 40 states requiring a PDMP consult prior to prescribing controlled substances.

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